Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Body types – ‘use by date’, ‘best before date’ and ‘morbidly indulgent’

I am including this blog as a reference to my simplistic body type terms of ‘use by date’, ‘best before date’ and ‘morbidly indulgent’.

The ‘best before date’ person is likely to have a long and relatively healthy life with no diagnosed chronic diseases. They may be very active, like to work as long as possible and are proud of the fact that they do not need to take pills. They tend to fade away from 80 years onward and may suffer from dementia or other neural diseases as they get older.

The expiry date for the ‘use by date’ person is from about 55 to 65 years without medical intervention. You can expect this group to have two or more chronic diseases, some of which may not be diagnosed. The most common chronic disease is high blood pressure which accounts for the most prescription drugs.

A person will be termed ‘morbidly indulgent’ if they:
  • eat until they are extremely obese
  • are an alcoholic
  • a smoker of anything
  • take illegal drugs
Their life expectancy is generally less than 55 years unless there is medical intervention.

There are various sub-groups that can be added to the above types dependent on sex, biological profile and culture.

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