Monday, 25 June 2012

Boat People AKA Asylum Seekers

The recent sinking of an asylum seekers boat with a loss of more than ninety lives has reopened the festering wound of border security in Australia. The number of asylum seekers now averages 850 a month and the costs have blown the budget more than tenfold.
The Federal Opposition wants the government to reinstall the John Howard offshore solution that was scrapped by Kevin Rudd within hours of becoming Prime Minister. The Government wants to implement a Malaysian solution that was ruled illegal by the High Court. The Greens want every asylum seeker to be deemed a potential immigrant that should be processed in Australia.

What makes non-Christian asylum seekers want to settle in a Christian country instead of a Muslim country? Perhaps it’s because the Labor Government throws buckets of money at them and doesn’t make them work for a living. Perhaps you have to be the correct brand of Muslim to settle in some countries. Australia has tried to maintain the reputation of being a race of stupid, beer swilling racists, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

As the government can’t agree on a solution, I present my simple, low cost solution. The mining companies are continually complaining that they can’t get enough workers to run their current projects let alone start new projects. Their solution is to import workers on special visas from countries that are similar to the ones the asylum seekers come from. My solution is to offer these special visas to asylum seekers before they try the people smugglers. All applicants will be fingerprinted, photographed and DNA checked before leaving just so that the person applying and the person arriving are the same person. Yes, a few criminals will slip through, but the TV stations will soon find out who they are.

One advantage out of many is that the asylum seekers will be spread out across West Australia and Queensland earning a living and paying taxes, and not huddled together in ghettos in Melbourne and Sydney living off Government handouts.

Update 17 August: The Government and opposition have passed legislation to reinstate offshore processing using the old 'Pacific solution', an about face by the Labor Government.


  1. I think your idea has some merit! I also think that the Australian Government should give more help to Doctors, Engineers, Dentists and Teachers. (Who come here as English speaking asylum seekers.) They need help to get their qualifications recognised here, so that they can start contributing to the country in a significant way instead of working as cleaners and factory hands.

  2. The people smugglers are the real criminals and Australia let one escape. Was it bureaucratic bungling or deliberate?
    I like the CIA solution of terminating people smugglers with extreme prejudice.